How the world cures a hangover

Facts On How To Cure Hangover
Facts On How To Cure Hangover

Making moonshine or drinking an alcoholic beverage is as universal as the consequence of consuming too much of it -- a hangover. Just in case you find yourself plastered a million miles from home, there are hangover cures available in any part of the world. Do prepare yourself for the consequences of drinking  yourself silly since these cures are not as simple as drinking alka-seltzer or coffee. 


How a hangover is cured back in Ancient Rome


Pliny the Elder - a Roman naturalist, author, philosopher - advised that one should deep-fry a canary and eat it in order to cure a hangover.

Namibia’s answer to the morning after a night of hard drinking

Namibians make sure they drink Buffalo Milk after a night of heavy drinking. Take note that just because the drink is called Buffalo Milk does not mean it is made from such. Essentially it consists of dark rum, clotted cream, spiced rum, whole cream and cream liqueur. This creamy concoction is said to bring hangover relief despite the `blechh-ness’ of its ingredients.

Japanese people get hangovers too

Sake drinkers in the bars of Tokyo consume umeboshi – a dried, pickled “ume” that is akin to an apricot or plum. Some people dunk it in green tea and drink the concoction instead of eating the ume. The umeboshi itself is sour. Despite the availability of its milder version called ‘umezuke,’ it is still difficult to swallow. It has been seen that the salt found in the plum could replenish one’s depleted electrolytes.

Germans are an expert in drinking and hangover-curing

Germany has a “hangover breakfast” called katerfrühstück. It consists of a plate of rollmops. It is a pickled raw herring that is wrapped around onion and gherkin. It is ideal to be eaten when the stomach is empty.

Canadians solve their drinking problems with poutine

Canada’s answer to the hangover is poutine. It is French fries cut thickly and smothered with gravy and Canadian cheese curd. It is also showered with fresh pepper corns.

Sicily has a wake-me-upper solution to a hangover

Sicilians consider dried bull penis as a hangover cure. It is said that dried bull penis restores one’s virility.


Haiti cures hangovers with a ritual

There is no science to this cure but voodoo practitioners in Haiti believe that sticking 13 black-headed pins in a cork on a bottle of alcohol could help relieve one’s hangover.

Ancient Greece uses lungs and sheep

The Ancient Greeks, just like the Romans, have a hangover cure and it consists of a breakfast of two owl eggs and sheep lungs.

Ireland dumps drunks in the sand

The Irish believe that burying a drunk up to his neck in wet river sand could cure a hangover. It is said that the toxins present in the body are absorbed by the sand thus clearing up and thereby removing the effects of a hangover.


Vietnam prefers a rhino cure

Vietnamese people grind the horn of a rhinoceros and place it in hot water and then drunk. A rhino horn is said to cure most ailments including allergies and even cancer. 


Turkey turns to tripe

When in Turkey, the cure for a hangover is tripe soup. Its innards are boiled in onion, garlic and cream. It is also best to be eaten before you plan to have a hangover. Tripe soup is also a remedy used in Romania and Mexico.

Mongolia eyes sheep for a cure

Mongolians shake off a hangover using tomato juice and pickled sheep’s eyes.

United States hangover cures involves sweat and IVs

Native American cultures believe that running or working up a sweat could cure a hangover. However, one should also lick the sweat off one’s arms,  swish it around the mouth and spit it out.

A current hangover cure could also be seen in Las Vegas via the Hangover Heaven bus. Those who plastered themselves the night before could step inside Hangover Heaven and receive vitamins, fluids, IV supplements while cruising the strip.


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